Modern methods for mountain athletes

Use the best of what other sports have already figured out.

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"It's so much fun working with you. The FKTs are just a bonus. The feeling of being fast, pushing myself to new limits, is the most rewarding." —after running 53 km with 4,000 m of gain in 6h 17m

Use the best of what other sports have already figured out.

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"What you had me do paid big benefits.I crushed the course in 10h20m and came in 1st." —after a 45-mile race with 12,000' of gain

Standing on the shoulders of giants

I've been training for mountain sports since 1999. Over that time, I've designed a system that combines the best ideas from the best coaches in a variety of sports.

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"Thanks so much for your really great coaching. This last 8-week training period was perfect—there isn’t a thing I would have done differently." —just before an 80-minute personal best in the half-marathon (at 51 years old)

In 1999, I left a yellow-brick-road future and moved into a Honda Civic so I could climb full-time. Fifteen years later, I started skimo racing.I was a sponsored alpine climber in the 2000s, a member of the Canadian National Skimo Team in the 2010s, and a coach at Uphill Athlete starting in 2019.Now I'm putting what I've learned into Arrowhead Endurance.

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"I was with a former professional cyclist half my age and a guide. I could have pushed faster than either of them at any phase of the day. This was massively confirming in terms of your training programming." —after the Grand Teton in a day